All about LaTeX

LaTeX is a science and math document markup language. Similar to how HTML is an internet markup language.

Where Can I Get It?

There are different packaging of LaTeX out there, the language is the same but the IDS’s, conversion tools, and special add-on packages are all different. You can get a LaTeX IDE for free, such as proTeX for windows, as well as not for free.

How Do I ____ In LaTeX ?

Google is your best friend, there is too much to put here.

How Do I do Source Code / Programming Code in LaTeX?

For nice syntax highlighting and more, you should check out the listings package.

How do I do tables in LaTeX?

\begin{tabular}{ r l c }
aligned right & aligned left & aligned center \\
2nd row left cell & middle cell & 2nd row right cell \\
last row left cell & last row mid cell & last row right cell

use the {\bf /\begin{tabular} \{ …column alignments … \} } with corresponding ending tag. The {\bf r }, {\bf c }, {\bf l } is part of the table column definition. For each column you want, simply specify each column’s alignment. Cells are partitioned by the {\bf & }, and each column is adjusted dynamically for the cell’s contents. Rows are partitioned by {\bf /\/\ }, the newline syntax.